Our 9-series is the perfect tool for anyone working in the scrap industry or recycling sector. The GLOBRAM steel shears stand out for their state-of-the-art design, but are defined by their extreme robustness and the technical innovations that takes their efficiency to the highest possible level.

Fast, efficient, and surprisingly powerful GLOBRAM steel shears are the ideal choice for the demolition of any type of metal structure. The tried and tested GLOBRAM rotation system (also found on all our other rotating products) allows the shears to always operate from the best possible position, while its large jaw opening, fast cycle times, and incredible cutting power make all demolition work fast and effective. Special, extra-strong HARDOX® steel alloys make GLOBRAM steel shears exceptionally strong and reliable. Each individual blade is designed with four cutting surfaces. In other words, the blades can be rotated three times and thus used up to four times longer compared to conventional techniques.


Operational weight:
500 to 11000 kg
Carrier weight:
4 to 90 t

RM 9057
RM 9102
RM 9203
RM 9254
RM 9305
RM 9356
RM 9459