Our new series of GLOBRAM compactors ensures optimal and quick compaction for every type of soil. Compactors replace the conventional, risky and sometimes even dangerous self-propelled rollers and manual compactors. The usage of our robust and reliable compactors prevent jobsite accidents, especially when compacting backfilled trenches and while working on slopes.

The mounted compactors of the 6 and 6R series are easily operated by the excavator operator from the cab. The hydraulic 360 degrees rotation of the 6R Series also ensures optimum compression in difficult to reach areas.


Operational weight:
78 to 365 kg
Carrier weight:
0,6 to 10 t

RM 606
RM 609
RM 612
RM 618
RM 630


Operational weight:
200 to 1520 kg
Carrier weight:
1,7 tot 45 t

RM 606R
RM 609R
RM 612R
RM 618R
RM 630R