Euroram-Rockmaster B.V., located in Mierlo (Netherlands), is a dynamic company that specializes in equipment for hydraulic recycling and demolition.

The GLOBRAM product selection - the trading name of Euroram-Rockmaster B.V. - offers a unique product range of hydraulic demolition hammers, multi-processors, pulverizers, steel shears, versitile multi-grabbers and compactors. 

Our practical experience combined with well over 25 years of knowledge result in our trademark products, best known for their quality, innovation, safety of use, ease of maintenance and service.

a complete series of hydraulic hammers



Features of a GLOBRAM hydraulic demolition hammer

  • Leading nitrogen accumulator technology (1)
    •             Preserves energy from kickback (up to 30% more striking power) 
    •             Reduces the stress on the hydraulic curcuit 
    •             Dampens noise and absorbs virbrations 

  • Automatic intelligent material hardness detector (2)
    •             Assesses material hardness autonomously
    •             Automatically adjusts energy and frequency of blows

  • ABF (Anti-Blank-Firing system) (2)
    •             Hammer stops when blank firing (i.e. not hitting any surface)

  • Unique quick-change bushing (3)
    •             No unnecessary machine down-time thanks to quick on-site replacement
    •             Always the best bushing (steel, bronze or synthetics) 

  • Specially designed housing/casing
    •             Vulcanised side plates, lower shock absorbers, and upper shock absorber (4)
    •             Internal sound-absorbent coating (5)
    •             Adjustable/pivotable hydraulic connectors (6)

  • HeliCoils on side bolts (7)
    •             Optimal force distribution on the rifling 
    •             Prolongs lifespan of the side bolts 

  • Centralised greasing point (8)