The five distinct GLOBRAM 7-series models rotate with the same hydraulic 360° rotation mechanism as all other GLOBRAM rotating products. Every model in the 7-series has been specifically designed to work perfectly for a wide variety of jobs. The application of special HARDOX® wear resistant steel contributes to essential features, such as excellent robustness and low weight, as well as above-average lifting and gripping power.

The GLOBRAM 7-series multi griabs are the ideal tool for sorting waste materials from demolition work, clearing stony soil and dredging rivers, canals, and seas.

7....S - Sorting jaws. Our sorting jaws are made from hardened steel. Ideal for sorting waste materials from demolition work, clearing stony ground and dredging rivers, canals, and seas.

7....D - Demolition sorting jaw. Our demolition jaws are ideal for demolition, for example the demolition of wood and brick structures. They can also be used for sorting and processing waste materials. The unique design, excellent maneuverability, and high strength are ideal for recycling and recovery.

7....H - 3 + 2 Material handling jaws. Designed to facilitate the handling of large objects such as scrap metal, vehicles, and other demolition waste. The interlocking teeth are unique in their shape and the clamping force is unparalleled.

7....L - Loading jaws. The 7L is designed for maximum load, making them ideal for moving earth, gravel, sand, mud, rocks, agricultural and industrial waste, municipal waste, and minerals.

7....T - Timber jaws. Designed to combine maximum gripping force with the lightest weight. With this grabber, handling large tree trunks in forestry jobsites is as easy as it gets.



Operational weight:
780 to 2990 kg
Carrier weight:
3 to 50 t

RM 707
RM 711
RM 718
RM 725
RM 732
RM 739